London (and Paris!)


Somehow it has already been a month since we arrived in London. For those of you who don’t know, AJ and I are in London for 3ish months while he works a contract job at Double Negative, the visual effects company that did all the CG for the Harry Potter films and the recent Bond films, just to name a few.

It’s also been about a month since I lost my job. My former company agreed to let me work remotely in London, then three days before we left they terminated my position…or something. I didn’t really get a good reason as to what was happening. It just sucks that we are living in one of the world’s most expensive cities on one budget. I’m taking this as an opportunity to figure shit out and learn new skills. When we return to Illinois, I will get a new job or go back to school.

That’s all depressing stuff, so let’s talk about happy things! I’m in freaking London! I spend my days wandering around and going to all the free museums. This city is incredible. Plus there are pubs everywhere.

We’ve seen about every museum so far, went to Greenwich for an afternoon, and have obviously seen the big things like Big Ben, Parliament, Buckingham Palace, etc. So far we’ve seen three shows on West End: Book of Mormon, Les Mis, and Once (with Arthur Darvill!).

We also went to an AMAZING screening of Grand Budapest Hotel. They converted an old building into the “Grand Budapest Hotel” with actors everywhere. There were bellman, concierges, hotel residents, everything. There was even a giant dance party.

We also went to Paris for a weekend with my friends Corey and Liz. It was amazing and felt like how those vacation episodes of sitcoms do.

Now for pictures!

The Tower Bridge at night is one of my favorite things:


The Rosetta Stone!


In Paris we saw the Eiffel Tower!


The Arc de Triomphe!


The Moulin Rouge!


The Catacombs! So many skulls!


A tiny horse that reminded us of Lil’ Sebastian! RIP…


A bunch of tourists taking photos of the Mona Lisa!


The Venus de Milo! Not made of gummy!


And a bunch of other things! But I’m tired of uploading photos.

Reasons I Can’t Wait to Move Out of My Apartment:

* The extreme heat in the Summer.

* The extreme cold in the Winter.

* The raccoon saga.

* My awful downstairs neighbors.

    - Ringing my doorbell at 11:30 p.m. to ask for cigarettes.

    - Ringing my doorbell NONSTOP at 2 a.m. to talk about the raccoon saga.

    - The constant fighting that makes me think I need to call the cops.

    - Them hogging the washer and dryer.

* No garbage disposal.

* No dishwasher.

* Sub-par shower.

Reasons I Will Miss My Apartment:

The reading nook.